Astrology is a map for life. 


Your personal astrology chart reveals how to navigate many changes in life. The map reveals where you’ve been, where you are, & where you are going. Learning astrology is supportive tool for empowerment. My astrology readings are a confirmation & reminder how to live your best life with passion & purpose.

life intention & purpose

soul mission

what are you here to do in the world & why

As an astrologer, I help people remember:

Live with Passion & Purpose


Discover what matters most, both to you individually & as a couple
Consistent consulting in a session series empowers an action plan for your specific next steps.
Discover yourself through your personal patterns across time.
Discover the hidden history of your family dynamics to best honor and understand each other today.
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REVISION 2020: Discover Your Astrology Soul Cycle with Kathryn Andren, Astrologer

"I study and practice astrology because it helps people create more compassion for themselves and their current circumstance. An astrology reading offers perspective on the past, understanding for the present, and reveals empowering strategies to optimize your future."


-The Love Astrologer, Kathryn Andren

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