What Others Say:

Kathryn was just incredible. I just finished my second session and all of what she had to say was right on the money! She is a true professional and knows how to stick to the charts while still offering advice to relevant life events.  I highly recommend her. D.D.


Kathryn is a kind & intelligent soul I have seen multiple times. She is brilliant at her work & when we were speaking it was as if she had read my diary, but she used my chart! My session with her was reassuring, enlightening & empowering. I am blessed to have shared this experience with her. S.F.

Kathryn is a gift and carries such radiant grace! Clarified precisely what was going on in this season of my life, and brought forth guidance for me to move through this transition. E.W

Kathryn Andren has a brilliant mind and startles both the existential realm of astrology with the relative realities of our physical existence. I walked away with new clarity that has lead to some huge life decisions (like ending a marriage of 14 years and finally prioritizing my joy by moving into nature). Whether you're looking for a new lens to explore or confidence in making your next big move, Kathryn offers valuable insights to help you get clear on the next steps. H.C.

Astrology is a map for life. 


Your personal birth chart is your map for life. This map reveals where you’ve been, where you are, & where you are going. Learning your personal astrology is a supportive tool for empowering choices & direction. Astrology readings with Kathryn Andren are a confirmation & reminder how to live your best life with passion & purpose.

soul journey this life & other lives

cosmic connections in relationships

family dynamics & children charts

vocation, career & life intention

health & well-being


"My experience includes over 20 years  healing service as a professional consulting astrologer, intuitive, & massage therapist. A deep connection to the natural world informs both my  life & work. After your first astrology reading, we can further work together with a customized session series for extra support in changing times. Astrology consultations with Kathryn Andren are a dynamic combination of professional expertise with heightened intuition."


Discover yourself through your personal patterns across time.
Discover what matters most, both to you individually & as a couple
Consistent consulting in a session series empowers an action plan for your specific next steps.
Discover the hidden history of your family dynamics to best honor and understand each other today.

"I study and practice astrology because it helps people create more compassion for themselves and their current circumstance. An astrology reading offers perspective on the past, understanding for the present, and reveals empowering strategies to optimize your future."


-The Love Astrologer, Kathryn Andren

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