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Mars Retrograde September 9 - November 13 & 2020 Astrology, Embrace Personal Power

Updated: Aug 25

Mars Retrograde 2020 by Kathryn Andren

One of the potent planet patterns for 2020 is the Mars Retrograde in the impulsive sign of Aries. Mars squares off to serious Saturn, powerful Pluto, and expansive Jupiter all in Capricorn during this cycle. This alignment suggests ‘the right use of power’, both on a personal and collective level.

Mars stations retrograde September 9, 2020 at 29 9’ Aries

Mars stations direct November 13, 2020 at 15 14’ Aries

Consider serious Saturn as the old boss while motivated Mars is the young punk who thinks he knows something. Certainly, Mars has power, passion, enthusiasm and energy. Saturn however, has years of experience and has been around the block. Jupiter then expands this vibration while Pluto activates a transformation of power. What will happen when these characters meet?

Mars pushes.

It is a separating and discerning force. Mars in Aires is all about all the ways: I initiate action, I follow my first instinct, I defend my rights. Now, consider during the retrograde cycle, the reverse may be true. Take time before action, revise and consider impulses before making a commitment to move forward. On a collective level, perhaps there may be an opportunity to slow down before assertive action escalates. Revise, review, or reevaluate the relationship to war, and how to best manage global resources wisely.

Fuel is added to the fire as Mercury transits through Libra in September. Themes of conscious commerce, and how to communicate wisely about the the balance of resources may take the center stage. As we move into mid-October, Sun naturally opposes Mars mid cycle. Sun in Libra adds energy to this pattern, squaring off to our friends in Capricorn and facing off to Mars in Aries.

Astrology affirmations below from the OPA chapter “The Personal Planets,The Voice of Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the Natal Chart”. Find more in the new OPA book, a collaboration with The Organization of Professional Astrologers.

Mars in Aries

With Mars in Aries, Mars is at home in its natural ruling sign. In this placement, the gift is taking direct action and making things happen. There is no waiting for other people’s opinion or participation.

During a Mars Retrograde, be aware of these tendencies:

  • Impatience

  • An aggressive stance

  • Seeing in black or white

  • Quitting quickly when passion or interest is lost

Astrology affirmations for Mars in Aries:

I follow instinct and I do things independently. I move when I’m inspired. My action and response is firm, assertive and impulsive. I am ready to defend myself or my tribe, and I’m courageous to fight for what I feel is right. I am very passionate and I must believe in what I do. I’m creative and initiate many projects. I am very motivated when I like something or someone. I have a strong, raw sexual nature.

Questions for contemplation during Mars Retrograde:

What is worth fighting for?

Who or what will you defend?

Where do you want to put your power, passion and energy

Supportive suggestions for this Mars Retrograde:

1. Remember proper use of will

2. Consider how can I be proactive, rather then reactive

3. Find healthy ways to express yourself, don’t stuff your emotions

4. Make healthy choices in your sex life, understand the consequences of desire

5. Stay open to creative impulses, intuition requires action

Remember, Mars goes through it’s retrograde phase when it is opposite the Sun. Contemplate the themes of: action and ego, the right use of will, and taking action steps with confidence.

Look to the Mars placement in your own personal chart, then reconsider for yourself how you may balance action and intuition with the Mars retrograde cycle in Aries.

The Mars Retrograde in a Natal Chart

When any planet stations retrograde or goes direct, astrologers say there is more power with this planet. Why? When a planet stations, it seems to “stand still” at the same point of the sky from our view on Earth. Just like an acupuncture session that aligns the meridians, a planets energizes a particular part of the sky, or a specific area of life related to your personal birth chart.

Look to your own personal birth chart or ask the astrologer Kathryn Andren, to see how Mars is activating your birth chart during this time. The list below gives further indication of which specific area of life wants your extra attention for reset and review.

2020 Mars Retrograde & The 12 Astrology Houses:

How to best optimize the Mars Retrograde cycle? Notice what house or area of life Mars is moving through in your natal chart. Here are a few short supportive suggestions to help guide you during the 2020 Mars Retrograde cycle:

1st House:

Reevaluate how you assert yourself. Remember, a first impression is a lasting impression. Self Identity, creative expression and your physical appearance is highlighted during this time. Reorganize old thought forms around self-doubt or shyness.

2nd House:

Reconsider what you truly value. Manage your resources & money wisely. Reflect on all the ways to build proper confidence. This is a time to give extra attention and nurturing care of your body.

3rd House

Remain flexible with your ideas. Gather more information before sharing or asserting your ideas. Are you all talk and no action? Find the balance between talking and doing.

4th House

Reconnect to your family of origin. Create healthy boundaries with your personal time.

Reconsider what is healthy in the realm giving. Take some quiet nurturing time at home.

5th House

Reflect on the role of romance in your life. Review inner child struggles around creativity or reconsider family programming. Take time to create art, play like a child, and enjoy yourself.

6th House

Take time to recommit to healthy habits. Place self care as a high priority and take care of your body. Review all the ways your contribution can be of service to others.

7th House

Reconsider your current relationships, are your individual needs getting met, or not? Reconnect with the people who help you create more balance in your life. Explore all the ways you can be more diplomatic or artful in negotiations. Reevaluate your commitment if you are engaged in an unequal or lifeless partnership.

8th House

Explore the power of life force. Reflect and review your relationship to sex, and your sexual relations. Carefully consider deep emotional connections. A secret may be revealed.

9th House

Quest for the Truth. Explore the deeper meanings of Life. Reconsider your belief system. Reach out and reflect on the many paths to wisdom.

10th House

Take extra care to maintain your reputation in your public life. Be patient with yourself if you are not yet recognized for your success. Take a step back before taking the lead.

11th House

Break free from isolation. Connect with kindred spirits, and be super clear in communication with your friends or associates. There may be new information that comes to you when you connect in groups.

12th House

Create closure. Honor your intuition. Journal your dreams. Avoid feeling stuck in the past.

Kathryn Andren is an astrologer and intuitive currently based in New York. Dedicated to healing service since 1997, she integrates astrology, art, energy healing & massage therapy in her private practice. Her deep connection to land, sea and sky inspires a holistic approach to her consulting and teaching. She holds a BA in Psychology and embodies years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom. Learn more, visit www.kathrynandren.com


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