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Magical Meteors, August Aquarius Full Moon and the Aftermath of Mercury Retrograde.

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

I got my view of the magical meteors this week. I set my alarm to wake up from 3 to 4 AM Monday morning and got my annual prescription of the Perseid meteor shower. This meteor shower occurs every year in mid August. While some report the peak viewing days are the August 11 - 13th, in my experience of decades of stargazing, you can generally catch a glimpse of this meteor shower the entire month of August. For years on the Big Island of Hawaii, stargazing in the backyard was a source of quiet joy.  These days, I paddle out in my kayak on the lake, or enjoy wild woodland adventures with friends to find shooting stars. Keep your eyes on the sky in early morning hours for best viewing!

Astrology for August

Today’s article features August Full Moon Horoscopes below, and reminders of the Mercury Retrograde aftermath

This month the Full Moon in Aquarius August 15, 2019 faces off to the Sun and the rest of personal planets lined up in the lavish sign of Leo. The Sun, Mercury, Mars and the love planet Venus are all aligned in the playful zodiac sign of Leo the Lion this week. This adds an emphasis on creativity and heartfelt communications. Learn more about the personal planets in your birth chart HERE.

Last month in July, the messenger planet Mercury was retrograde most of the month. Mercury Retrograde generally lasts for 3 weeks about three times a year. However, there is a shadow period, before and after the Mercury Retrograde cycle, which sometimes makes the experience of retrograde even longer. The Mercury Retrograde ‘shadow period’ ends on August 15. Imagine what was happening for you at the end of June and your dreams for summer plans. If you experienced any delays or detours, the last two weeks of August is an opportunity to reroute and enjoy!

Supportive Suggestions for Aquarius Full Moon August 15:

think big - integrate vision with heart

take action on your instincts for a greater good

contribute to the collective

think locally, act globally

treasure your friendships

Here are your "Horoscopes with Heart" for the Full Moon August 15, 2019

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Light up your love life with friends and fun. The Sun in Leo, along with 3 other personal planets in your region of romance faces off to the Full Moon in Aquarius in your area of associates this week. You get by with a little help from your friends. Reach out to your favorite groups for connection and support this evening.  Couples, you may find you learn more about your sweetheart when you are out and about with others. Create connection with other couples and be open to great ideas and happy surprises. 


Let your light shine this weekend Taurus. The Sun in your area of family and foundation faces off to The Aquarius Full Moon this week in your career zone. Are you getting the respect you deserve in your personal or professional life?  If in relationship, take time to give your partner the honoring they truly deserve. If looking for love, this week is an opportunity to be out and about.  Don't buy into self doubts or criticisms. Show up and show off, you are a class act.  


Time to take off Gemini. The Sun in your communications area shines on the Full Moon in your area of travel and learning mid week. If you have been feeling stuck in your love life, time to get out  of your box and learn something new.  Sign up for a one day class, you may be happily surprised by some interesting classmates.  Couples, get away for a weekend workshop or plan ahead for a romantic getaway. New information stimulates mind, body and soul. 


Set yourself up for extra sweetness this week. The Sun in your sector of sensuality lights up the Full Moon in your area of intimacy. Couples, get a room and shut the door. Tonight there are no secrets between you. If you are looking for love, energize body and soul with what ever turns you on. Venus, Mars and Mercury all in the loving sign of Leo add to your region of self-care this month. Take time out to do what you love! 


Lucky you Leo, love is in the air. The Full Moon midweek lights up your region of relationships and marriage. Gather with your best buddies for fun and games or plan a date night soon with your sweetheart for a wonderful weekend. If you are looking for love, ask yourself what needs to happen to balance your individual needs with the needs of others. Take time out to renew the big picture perspective of life and love.


Close doors and create new rhythms. The Sun in your region of completion highlights the Full Moon in your area of routines this week. Couples or single, are your connections down to earth or temporarily distant and undefined. Sometimes it's easier to reach out by email or social media because you can keep your intimacy at a safe distance. However this week, it may be important to show up live and in person to reach out and touch someone.  


Live it up Libra. The Sun in your area of friendships energizes this week’s Full Moon in your region of romance. Remember, your best buddies are the people who really light you up. Spend time nurturing the friendships that are most important to you. Motivated Mars, with the messenger Mercury and loving Venus support communicating yourself passionately with friends. If you are dating, ask yourself if your partner also your best friend and playmate? Go the extra mile and be sure to let your sweetheart know how much you really care. 


Take some time off this week Scorpio. The Sun in your career zone fuels the Full Moon this week in your area of family and foundation. If dating, perhaps it is time to upgrade your relationship and meet the parents. Couples or single, you’ll feel most nurtured and relaxed once you let down with family. Get the party started in the comfort of your own home or invite others over for a cozy evening.  


You out are the talk of the town Sagittarius. The Sun and 3 more personal planets in your area of beliefs lights up the Full Moon this week in your area of communications. If single, this weekend is a great opportunity to mix things up and let your connections know just what you are looking for. Remember, you stand out and shine when you speak up and speak out. Couples, escape for an adventurous getaway, but be sure to tell your sweetie exactly what is on your mind and in your heart. 


Indulge in life’s simple pleasures this weekend. The Sun in your intimacy area fires up the Full Moon tonight in your sensuality sector. Take time to smell the roses, prepare a mouthwatering meal or find the finest chocolate. If dating, dive deep with your sweetheart to create a closer connection. The heat is on and there is no way you can keep your love a secret.


This is your time to shine. The Sun in your region of relationships fuels this weeks Full Moon in Aquarius. When you stand up and stand out in the crowd, you can let others know exactly what you want. The party is on and fun factor is high! Let down, play like you did when you were a kid. The spirit of childlike playfulness supports your experience of life and love. Enjoy yourself!


Give it up and let it go. The Sun in your region of routine lights up the Full Moon in your region of completion this week. Your dreamtime could be extra activated these days, so be aware and take notes. Couples or single, notice if there is anything from the past  or a former love that is holding you down. You are liberated, only when you take the time and do the work to take care of what isn’t working.  You will be rewarded once you let yourself relax.