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Mars Through The Zodiac. Find The Passion Planet in Your Personal Astrology Chart

Mars is the planet of passion and action. Mars in your astrology chart shows what motivates you and how you go after what you want. Where does motivated Mars fall in your personal birth chart? Ask the astrologer Kathryn Andren for a personal update to learn about the personal planets in your specific birth chart.

Mars in Aries

The action planet Mars is at home in its ruling sign of Aries. Mars represents the the primal need to take action, gain new grounds, and individuate. Action can be very firm and impulsive. There is a need to assert the self when doing what needs to be done, and not wait for others to proceed. There is a readiness to defend the self or the tribe. Be aware of: Impatience. Acting before thinking. Accident prone.

I am passionate about my physical body. I go to the gym and enjoy intense workouts. Sexuality is important to me. Sometimes I act before I think. I am creative and impulsive. I am motivated by my passionate instinct.

Mars in Taurus

The action planet Mars slows down in the sensual sign of Taurus. Behavior is tempered with practicality and patience. There is a desire for security and motivation toward sensuality. Be aware of: Resistance to change. Being slow to move.

I have endurance. I won’t quit. I am capable of running marathons. I excite myself with the simple pleasures of life. I am passionate about the material world and money matters. Security is important to me. Natural beauty fuels my passion. I enjoy sensuality in all forms; feed me, nurture me, massage me.

Mars in Gemini

Mars in the air sign of Gemini is fast acting. Passions may be asserted in multiple directions. There is a tendency toward travel and exploring other people and cultures. There is a high capacity for multitasking. Be aware of: Scattered or diffused action.

I love to talk with you! I am passionate about learning. I learn quickly and teach easily. My attention may be split in multiple directions. I defend my ability to multitask. I am naturally curious. I explore my environment with a deep sense of childlike wonder.

Mars in Cancer

The action planet in the water sign of Cancer focuses on family. Actions are inspired from feeling depth of emotion. Be aware of: Being over protective. Potential defensiveness around family values or traditions.

I totally want to take care of you. I am passionate about my family. I have a sensitive and emotional nature. I want to nurture, provide and protect you. I provide security. I will defend my family and our family traditions.

Mars in Leo

Action oriented Mars in lavish Leo has a tendency toward excess. There is a desire to have the best of everything. There is a passion for being generous with others. Be aware of: Self centeredness

I assert myself with passion. I excite and energize myself. Others are attracted to my warm heart and generosity. I am proud, loyal and affectionate. I am full of energy! I am determined to have my way.

Mars in Virgo

The passion planet Mars in the sign of Virgo is organized and detail oriented. Behavior is based on a strong tendency toward order. Be aware of: Action delayed by being too bogged down by detail.

I am passionate and dedicated to helping others. I am organized, sometimes picky. I take my time doing my work, and I do what it takes to get the job done. I am comfortable in my routine. I am focused on health and wellness.

Mars in Libra

Assertive Mars is tempered in the loving sign of Libra. Others needs are considered before taking individual action. Behavior is based on creating a sense of diplomacy. Logic and order is respected and weighed with impulsive action. Be aware of: Focusing too much on another’s needs at the expense of individual desire.

I focus on the relationships in my life. I strongly attract myself to love and romance. I enjoy participating in activities with others. I am committed to justice and being fair.

Mars in Scorpio

Action planet Mars in sensual Scorpio focuses on power and passion. Sexual desire is a driving force. This placement reflects secret desire and the need for control. Be aware of: Emotional intensity or power struggles.

I have stamina. I am motivated to explore life’s deeper meaning. I discover secrets. I am attracted to the greater mystery of life. I desire to connect emotionally with others. I am brutally honest with how I feel. My actions speak louder than words.

Mars in Sagittarius

Motivated Mars in this placement knows how to hold the focus and get the job done. Sagittarius is the sign of the archer with the arrow, and knows how to keep an eye on the goal. Action is integrated with sophisticated thought and looking toward the future. There is an enthusiasm for teaching and developing the higher mind. Be aware of: Too much tendency to do it my way.

I am passionate about sharing my ideas with others. I am confident and skilled in my writing and teaching abilities. I am adventurous. I love exploring the outdoors. I with fight to preserve wild places.

Mars in Capricorn

Action oriented Mars in controlling Capricorn is all about management. There is motivation for organization. Behavior is properly controlled. This placement reflects a high capacity for responsibility and the ability to direct large teams, projects or plans. Be aware of: Over controlling behaviors, misuse of power.

I am passionate about my commitments. I am a natural leader and others look up to me. I consider consequences before action. I am persistent and reliable.

Mars in Aquarius

It’s not personal. Behavior is based on the bigger picture and high ideals. The placement of motivated Mars in the air sign of Aquarius reflects spontaneity and speed. A sense freedom and a desire to elevate others for a greater good motivates action. Be aware of: Emotional detachment.

I act spontaneously and others never know what to expect from me. I am fun loving and easily excited. I am very independent. I am passionate for humanity as a whole rather than express my personal warmth on an emotional level. I inspire myself being of service for the community at large. I am motivated to elevate the human condition.

Mars in Pisces

Behavior is motivated by inspiration when the action planet Mars falls in the most passive zodiac sign of Pisces. Action is directed or driven by spirit. Decisiveness only arises when inspired by the muse. Be aware of: All dream and no action.

I am sympathetic toward others. Sometimes I’d rather escape the world than deal with the practicalities of real life. I am passionate about my spirituality, connecting to my creative muse and music. I will fight for the underdog.

Kathryn Andren is the founder of The Love Astrologer, based in New York with clients across the USA and abroad. Devoted to healing service since 1997, she holistically integrates astrology, art & energy healing bodywork in her private practice. Her deep connection to the natural world brings both a passionate and practical approach to her consulting, writing and teaching. She holds a BA in Psychology and embodies years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom. Schedule Relationship Readings, an individual Soul Pattern Session or your very own Live Passionately session series with Kathryn Andren.


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