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Mercury Through the Zodiac, Astrology Affirmations

Mercury is the planet of commerce and communication. Look for meticulous Mercury in your astrology birth chart as a reflection of your thought process and communication style. Ask the astrologer Kathryn Andren for a personal update, and learn about the specific planets in your personal birth chart.

Mercury in Aries The communication planet in the first sign of the zodiac is assertive and impulsive. Mercury in Aries is direct in both thought and speech. There is an instinctive need to gather information quickly. Be aware of: Speaking before thinking. Interrupting conversations. Battles of words

I initiate conversation. I am direct with my thoughts and speech. I inspire myself with quick communications. Sometimes, I think others are too slow for me. I am self focused in my communication. Sometimes, I speak before I think. I may defend myself, or others through my words or writing. I serve as a catalyst inspiring others with my ideas.

Mercury in Taurus

The communication planet in the earth sign of Taurus is slow and methodical. This sensual Earth sign is deeply interested in all things pleasurable and physical. Taurus can be stubborn, so Mercury in Taurus reflects one who is steady in thought or fixed in ideology. Be aware of: Fixed in thought. Stuck in a perspective.

I take my time with my thought process and communications. My language is rich with sensuality. I enjoy discussing the simple pleasures of life. I am easily turned on by sex talk. Sometimes others may experience me as speaking too slow. I am practical and down to earth with my thoughts and words.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury the messenger is at home in its ruling sign, Gemini. For Mercury in Gemini, there is a double emphasis on speed, intellect and diverse thinking. Be aware of: Thinking too much, over processing.

I am a fast talker. Sometimes, I say the same thing twice. I think quickly and process information easily. I ask many questions. I may have the capacity to speak several languages. I have an innate curiosity about the world and my environment . I am curious about other people and other cultures. I am a fast learner. I see and understand multiple perspectives at the same time. Sometimes others may perceive me as talking in circles. I am alert and witty.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in caring Cancer reflects nurturing communications. There deep desire to create empathy with others when sharing ideas. In the water sign of Cancer, the communication planet will go with the flow. Be aware of: Indecisiveness, Indirect communication.

How can I help you? I am happy to go out of my way to support and nurture you. I want to know what you are feeling and thinking. Please, tell me about your family. I am empathic and I go with the flow. Let’s talk about our feelings.

Mercury in Leo

The communication planet, Mercury, in the loving sign of Leo has a tendency toward dramatic conversation. Words and speech can naturally capture the attention of others. Be aware of: Self-centered dialogue

I am a dynamic speaker. I focus on myself in my thoughts and words. Others often experience me as generous. I am playful and radiant in my conversations. I communicate from my heart. I am a rock star with my self expression. Listen to me, I am so important!

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury is the planet ruler for the signs of Virgo and Gemini. Mercury is at home in the sign of Virgo, placing a double emphasis on the qualities of analysis and logic. There is a tendency toward perfection and attention to detail. Be aware of: Overanalyzing.

I am a clear and detailed thinker. I don’t miss a thing. I think my thoughts through, clearly and distinctly. I communicate myself with specific attention to detail.

Mercury in Libra

The communication planet in the love sign of Libra signals diplomacy in dialogue. There is a need to be fair in conversations and thoughtful consideration before speaking. Libra is the sign of the Scales, so with Mercury in Libra, there is a balancing and weighing of ideas before action. Be aware of: Consistently considering and weighing the thoughts of others, it may be hard to make up your own mind.

Let’s talk! I am interested in you and hearing your perspective. I weigh your point of view with my own. I desire diplomacy and kindness in my communications. I am generally objective and logical with my thought process. Relationships can be a focus of my conversations.

Mercury in Scorpio Scorpio is the sign that has the ability to dive deep under the surface. Mercury in Scorpio reveals hidden thoughts and desires to explore the vast mystery of life in conversation. There is a tendency to speak the unspeakable. Memory is penetrating and deep. Be aware of: Drama driven discussions.

I comfort myself deep in my own thoughts. Sometimes I am secretive. I have a penetrating mind. I am an acute observer and I want to figure you out. I do not entertain small talk, I prefer to discuss the deeper meaning of life. I am emotionally intense with my words and discussions.

Mercury in Sagittarius

There is a tendency for optimistic thought and excessive conversation with Mercury in Sagittarius. Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, the style of communication is direct. The need to gather or deliver information is vast. Be aware of: Excessive thinking. Being too focused on the future and forgetting about being present now.

I have a visionary philosophy. I prefer to discuss the higher ideals of life rather than small talk. I am an optimistic thinker and a natural teacher. Sometimes I may seem impatient or jump to conclusions. I am focused and direct with my words.

Mercury in Capricorn

Capricorn is the sign that is organized. As an earth sign, there is steadiness and stability. Mercury in Capricorn expresses communication clearly. Thought process is direct, clear and organized. There is a tendency for this placement to direct conversations. Be aware of: Dominating conversation. My way or the highway.

I am organized in my thoughts and communications. I think things through. I consider a long term plan. I am responsible and mature. I expect you to respect me in our conversations. My words and actions are reliable, I do what I say and say what I do.

Mercury in Aquarius

Keep your cool. The messenger Mercury in the air sign of Aquarius is quick and intelligent. There is the capacity for futuristic or visionary thinking. Thought may be cold and calculating or quick and spontaneous. Conversations tend toward discussing high ideals and broad concepts. Be aware of: Far out thinking. Emotionally detached conversations.

I am a visionary thinker with futurist and wild ideas. I may be eccentric with my words or abrupt in my discussions. I have a scientific mind. At times, others may perceive me as emotionally detached. I have the ability to see situations and circumstances from a very broad perspective.

Mercury in Pisces

The messenger planet in patient Pisces can talk endlessly. Thoughts may be divinely inspired, like a muse for music or poetry. Conversations have a flowing style. There may be a tendency toward psychic abilities, a connection through empathy rather than words. Be aware of: Getting spaced out. Too vague with ideas and words. How to get to the point.

I am dreamy with my thoughts and words. I often communicate without talking. Sometimes I am easily swayed by others ideas or beliefs. I have a deep sense of empathy, so I have a deep appreciation for others thoughts and feelings.


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