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Reset & Reflect with The Venus Retrograde 2020

Updated: May 27

Venus Retrogrades: Reconsider Values

The planet Venus is attractive & alluring. This “love planet” reveals herself sometimes as an “evening star” or a “morning star”. Look up early evening and sometimes you will find her, a gorgeous sight in the West just after sunset. Then, during the retrograde phase, she disappears, retreats, and reemerges in the East just before sunrise.

Venus is the brightest object shining in the sky after the Sun and the Moon. Listen to her. She may be speaking to you softy, or radically raging for you to pay attention to what is important.

All matters of the heart are in your face during the 40 day Venus Retrograde cycle. Notice your emotional space just before, during and after a Venus cycle. This is a symbolic time to retract, retreat and reflect.

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Venus is the goddess of love, art and beauty. In modern astrology, the Venus position illuminates how we place priorities in relationship and gives clues to innate desires and values. The Venus retrograde cycle is symbolic of exploring the inner feminine, and offers an opportunity to explore inner worlds.

Venus stations retrograde on May 13 at 21 50’ Gemini

Venus stations direct on June 25 at 5 20’ Gemini

(The shadow period begins April 9, and ends on July 29)

What Does Retrograde Mean?

What does it mean when a planet goes retrograde? A retrograde cycle is simply an illusion. From our view on Earth, the planet appears to stay still in the sky, then apparently moves backwards against the backdrop of stars. The illusion is that a planet seems to slow down, stop (station) and reverse (retrograde) before moving forward again.  When a planet stations retrograde or goes direct, astrologers say there is more power with this planet.

Just like an acupuncture session aligning the meridians on your body, a station or retrograde planet energizes a particular region of the sky. This transiting planet activates a specific area of your life according to your personal birth chart.

Aligning with the ancient principle, “As Above, So Below”, retrograde planets serve as a symbolic reflection to:

• Review

• Revise

• Reconsider

• Reevaluate

• Redo

• Retract

• Retreat

What A Venus Retrograde Represents:

Of all the planets, the Venus retrograde is the most rare. The Venus retrograde cycle is approximately 40 to 44 days every 18 – 19 months or so. Forty is a magical number in various traditions. There are biblical stories of rain for 40 days and 40 nights, and wandering for 40 years in the desert. In the mystical Kabbalah, 40 is the number of fruition, birth and abundance.

Interesting there are 40 days of Venus retrograde and it takes 40 weeks for a child to grow in the womb. Imagine the 40 days of Venus retrograde as a hologram. If each day were a week, it could represent 40 weeks in the womb. What aspect of yourself would you rebirth during this time?

Venus is the goddess of love, art and beauty. In modern astrology, Venus represents the inner feminine, money matters and what you innately value. The Venus position in a personal birth chart illuminates what we value in relationship She gives clues to our innate desires. A transit of Venus retrograde in the current sky story represents going deeper within, a time to reconsider priorities.

Remember, retrogrades are inward times. Reflection rather than reaction is required.

Here are supportive suggestions for Venus retrograde:

• Reassess priorities and be honest about your values

• Reconsider finances and money matters

• Reflect on your self-esteem and self-worth

• Reevaluate what you learned from former lovers

• Take a step back before beginning a new relationship

• Reinvent yourself

Personalizing The Venus Retrograde Cycle with Contemplative Questions:

Throughout the cycle of Venus, look to your personal astrology chart and explore what area of life the love planet activates by sign and house placement. Venus retrograde times generally offer an opportunity to simply stop, take a step back and have some breathing room. Reflect on the possibilities of reinventing yourself!

During Venus retrograde, we have an opportunity to explore inner worlds. Take some time out just for you.

Venus Retrograde Questions for Contemplation:

What does my heart want?  What is my heart’s desire?

What is it that I truly value? How can I be more vulnerable in my sharing?

How can I share my gifts more intimately and passionately?

How can I be shine in my creativity?

Venus Retrograde in the zodiac sign of Gemini

What is correct thinking

How can I discern the truth

How do I know what is real

How can I best communicate my values

How do I spread the word about what is important to me

How can I remain open and curious.

How can I stay open minded

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