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Second Chances for Self Care for Cancer New Moon 7/20/2020

The New Moon on Monday July 20 is the second New Moon in Cancer this year. The first was when the Sun and the Moon met up at zero degrees of Cancer on the June 20 Solstice eclipse.

Sun and Moon meet once a month at the New Moon. You cannot see the Moon in the sky at New Moon since it is too close to the rays of the Sun. There is a symbol each month at New Moon to be inward, contemplate, start over and renew.

Themes for July 20 New Moon in Cancer:

  • What does is mean when I commit to my self care

  • How do I relate to my family and community

  • Who are my friends who feel like family

  • How can I be more responsible and participate in my community

The New Moon and Sun in Cancer add energy to three giants in the sky in the sign of Capricorn. Sun and Moon energize serious Saturn, Jupiter and powerful Pluto over the coming days, especially at New Moon in Cancer on Monday, June 20.

You can see Jupiter and Saturn in the evening sky now if you know where to look. About an hour after sunset, look for both Jupiter and Saturn rising in the east. Over the next several months, if you keep your eyes on the sky, you may notice Jupiter and Saturn getting closer and closer to each other. Pluto, the planet of transformation is also in the same area of sky, but not noticeable to the naked eye.

Remember the symbols:

  • Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, so it represents expansion.

  • Saturn is the last planet seen with the naked eye. It relates to restrictions, rules, law and order.

  • Finally, Pluto is beyond our view. In mythology it is known as the lord of the underworld, and in astrology Pluto is the planet of power and a force of transformation.

Translation = Expansion of rules, transformation of restrictions, expansion and transformation of government and laws.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are three of the five "generational" outer planets. These planets mold our culture at large and will be dancing together in the late degrees of Cap all year long. Neptune, in its home sign of Pisces creates a scared geometry and supports the expansive or chaotic energy of the 3 giants all in Capricorn. Learn more about the outer planets and watch my recent you tube video, “Astrology with Me, Kathryn Andren,” HERE.

Notice where do the degrees of 22 Capricorn through 0 Aquarius fall in your natal chart. Your astrology birth chart is segmented into 12 areas, or houses. You can expect big, structural change in that area of your and whatever planets or angles are being triggered.

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Cancer New Moon Horoscopes

Horoscopes with Heart by Kathryn Andren


Take the day off! The New Moon in Cancer activates your area of home and family. Enjoy extra time with children or slow down to take care of yourself. Maintain your center so you can move toward new opportunities as they are presented to you.


Let’s talk about it. The Cancer New Moon falls in your house of communications and connections. It’s time to get out of your shell. This week’s planet patterns support you in asserting yourself. Now is the moment of power.


Pass the menu, please. It’s time to totally indulge. The New Moon this week activates your sensuality zone. Go out for an evening of fine food and dining or simply stay home with your sweetheart to nurture your private desires. Planet patterns support you slowing down. Taking extra care of yourself and your dear ones.


This is your time to shine. The Cancer New Moon energizes your area of individuality. This week is an awesome opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Remember everybody wins when you balance quiet time for yourself, family, work and relationships.


Laugh it off Leo. It’s time to start over since this week’s New Moon falls in your region of completions. Don’t get sucked in to old stories or drama. Thinking about the past will only keep you caught up in a loop. Once you take action to let your true feelings show, then it’s easier to let it all go.


Reach out and touch someone. The Cancer New Moon this week falls in your area of friendships. Remember, true friends carry you through tough times. The ones you love the most stand by you both sorrow and joys. When was the last time you let your best buddies know how much you really feel about them? Show someone how much you truly care.


You stand out in the crowd this month since the New Moon activates your career area and public life. Relationships are potentially on the back burner if you are super focused at work. Take time off for some self care and nurturing. Make healthy choices to balance your needs for your public life and private life.


Come out of hiding Scorpio. The Cancer New Moon today lights up your area of travel and the higher mind. Perhaps you have renewed curiosity to explore a summer vacation, or you have an impulse to learn something new. Hit the road for an adventure sometime this week.


Snuggle up Sag. The New Moon in caring Cancer energizes your intimacy zone. Optimize this week’s energy to make a move under the covers. Sing, dance, or jump into a yoga routine. Make healthy choices to nurture your life force. Align your intentions, then take action to do something different.


It’s time to take a risk and reveal your true feelings. The Cancer New Moon activates your region of marriage and relationships this week. Here is an awesome opportunity to assert yourself and let your loved ones know how much you truly care. You better get raw and real, because vulnerability is required.


Create a new rhythm. The New Moon this week energizes your region of routines and healthy habits. If you feel like your life has been stuck in a rut, take action to mix things up. Take a detour on your run or sign up for a new yoga class to put yourself in new situations.


Actions speak louder than words. The New Moon in caring Cancer this week spices up your region of romance. Be sure you speak out for what you truly desire in life and love. If you have a special someone, take the time to express yourself and let your feelings show.

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