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Venus Through The Zodiac. Embody The Goddess With Astrology Affirmations

Venus in the astrology birth chart represents who and what we truly love. The Venus placement by zodiac sign also reveals our values and priorities. This pat of us shows how we attract what we want, what turns us on, as well as our relationship to money. Learn more about your specific Venus placement and other planets in your personal birth chart when you Consult with Kathryn.

Venus in Aries

The love planet Venus in the sign of Aries appreciates raw, primal, and authentic emotions. There is a need for strong passion in relationships, and yet, a fear of losing oneself to relationships. This can lead to a need to pull back when engagements become too demanding. Be aware of: Quick hots and colds in relationships. Getting carried away with love. Losing sight of balance.

I defend what I see as valuable. I am passionate about what I really like. I will fight for my priorities. I love getting physical, raw and real. I am active and enjoy sports. I’m attracted to people who are authentic, strong, and individualistic. I love people who are assertive and don’t compromise who they are. I thrive with intensity. I serve as a catalyst to get things started. I love picking a fight.

Venus in Taurus

The love planet Venus is at home in its ruling sign of Taurus. There is a double emphasis on values, money matters and the sensual body. Relationships require touch, security and an appreciation of simple pleasures. Be aware of: Overemphasis on practicality.

I love to touch you and I love being touched. I value beauty, art, and all things related to the physical body. I enjoy beautiful surroundings. I appreciate nurturing myself and others. I am good-natured, reliable and steady. Sometimes, I tend to hold on to things. I value security and practicality.

Venus in Gemini

Venus in the air sign of Gemini values many ideas and multiple perspectives. When the relationship planet is in the sign of the Twins, there may be a tendency to love more than one person. Be aware of: Scattered or a variety of love interests.

Variety is very important to me. I value different perspectives, cultures and fashion! I am a natural networker, storyteller and teacher. I am both an educator and eternal student. I am so witty. I have many interests. I can be in love with two or more people at the same time.

Venus in Cancer

Caring and connection are the clues for Venus in Cancer. In relationship, there is a deep instinct for nurturing and taking care of others. Be aware of: Placing others needs before your own, to the detriment of personal needs and self care.

I love my kids and my family. My friends and neighbors become like family to me. I prefer to stay at home rather than going out on big adventures. I feel most nurtured spending time with my friends and loved ones. Safety is very important to me.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo values heart centered relationships. In love, Venus in Leo can be extremely self centered or overly generous with others. Be aware of: Drama in relationships. Self indulgence.

I have a natural dynamic and radiant personality. People pay attention to me. I value being recognized and admired. I am creative and playful. I expect the best for myself and my loved ones. I am a rock star.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo values details and organization. This placement is service oriented and there is a strong appreciation for perfection. As an earth sign, it reflects all issues related to the physical body, health and wellness. In relationship, there may be high idealist expectations. Be aware of: Relationship challenge due to need of perfection.

I pay attention to details. Perfection is important to me. I value being on time. Others may perceive me as controlling at times. I take care of my body. I am attracted to people who are organized and efficient.

Venus in Libra

Venus is the planet ruler for Libra, so there is a double emphasis on relationships for Venus in Libra. There is a natural tendency toward comforts and beauty. Equality and respect is highly honored. Be aware of: Giving up individuated needs to make circumstances harmonious for others.

My partner is the most important person in my life. I love my relationships. I value harmony, beauty and order. Others naturally find me naturally `charming and attractive. I will make things nice because don’t want to you to be upset with me. It’s easy for me to cooperate with others.

Venus in Scorpio

The love planet Venus in sexy Scorpio is hot. There is a natural desire for deep intimacy and tendency to see beneath the surface of things. This placement reflects the ability to go deep, emotionally and on many levels. Be aware of: Possessive or dramatic relationships.

I love to be loved. Emotionally and physically, I dive deeply in my relationships. Others may experience me as intense or possessive. I am mysterious. I see beneath the surface and see many layers of a situation. I am totally turned on by sexual intimacy. I am great in bed.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus values individuation in the fire sign of Sagittarius. This placement reflects and innate ability to learn, write and teach. In relationships, there is an attraction to partners who like the outdoors and wild adventures. Be aware of: Excessive individuation. Holding onto the belief that you are always right.

I love to travel and take many journeys. I am a natural optimist. Generally others see me as having an upbeat personality. I am idealist about my love life. I value learning and I have a natural ability to teach others. I enthusiastically want to share my visionary ideals with you.

Venus in Capricorn

There is a strong focus on money matters with Venus in Capricorn. This placement knows how to take care of business. There is an innate ability for delegating tasks and getting the job done. In relationships, respect and honoring is highly valued. Be aware of: Controlling relationships. When to take the lead or when to back off and trust others empowerment process.

I am serious about my relationships. I have high expectations about how to love and who I love. My love life has a tendency toward conventionality. I value creating clear rules for my relationships. Steadiness and stability are important to me. I am empowered. You can rely on me.

Venus in Aquarius

See the big picture. This placement suggests one who has the innate ability to appreciate the widest possible perspective. There is a love for heights, open views and exploring new territory. In relationship, there is a deep need for freedom and to remain unconfined by rules. Be aware of: Space required for relationships. Too individuated or emotionally detached.

I love my freedom. In relationships, I need plenty of space to do my own thing more than a need for security. I attract myself to unconventional forms of relating. I am idealistic. I bring excitement and enthusiasm wherever I go. I value people, projects and plans that support the betterment of society.

Venus in Pisces

The love planet is perfected in Pisces. This placement reflects being dreamy or idealistic in both life and love. There is an innate ability for empathy with others and depth of emotional connection. This placement also reflects a deep love for the Divine, and an ability to let go, then let God. Be aware of: Getting lost in illusion. Delusional about relationship.

I am naturally sweet and gentle. I am devoted to my spiritual path. I appreciate music and poetry. I value connecting with others on a deep emotional level. I am an empath and understand others emotions easily.

Kathryn Andren is an astrologer and intuitive currently based in New York. Dedicated to healing service since 1997, she integrates astrology, art, energy healing & massage therapy in her private practice. Her deep connection to land, sea and sky inspires a holistic approach to her consulting and teaching. She holds a BA in Psychology and embodies years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom. Learn more, visit www.kathrynandren.com


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