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When Is The Next Mercury Retrograde? How To Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You!

When is the next Mercury Retrograde? The next Mercury Retrograde begins October 31, 2019. Mercury is retrograde October 31 - November 20, 2019 in the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

For 3 weeks, 3 times a year, Mercury seems to move backward against the backdrop of the stars from our view on earth. The Mercury Retrograde is an apparent motion in the sky, where the planet seemingly retraces a section of the sky before its return to direct motion. This movement gives clues to it’s symbolic meaning for our life here on Earth.

When is the Next Mercury Retrograde? The Next Mercury Retrograde October 31 - November 2019

Mercury Retrograde starts at 27 Scorpio near Venus, the planet of priorities, love and money. What secrets may be revealed over the coming weeks around the issues of intimacy, love or money? Remember, Mercury is the planet of communication, commerce and trade. As the current Mercury retrograde cycle starts near Venus, this may reflect a values reassessment on what is really important.

Mercury Retrogrades in the secretive sign of Scorpio from 27 to 11 degrees. There is a shadow period before and after the retrograde cycle, so some of the effects of Mercury Retrograde may be felt even longer:

Shadow period begins October 11, 2019 at 11 Scorpio

Retrograde begins October 31, 2019 at 27 Scorpio

Retrograde ends November 20, 2019 at 11 Scorpio

Shadow period ends December 7, 2019 at at 27 Scorpio

Mercury is known both as the Messenger and the Trickster. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t. Like Venus, Mercury appears either as a morning star, an evening star, or sometimes hidden by the light of the Sun. This movement of here and there reflects Mercury's association to commerce and trade, and as a symbol on the mental level of how to exchange ideas.

With an orbit so close to the Sun, you may only see Mercury in the west just after sunset or in the east just before sunrise. Mercury is the planet of communication and commerce, logical thinking and linear order. When Mercury is retrograde, the gift of this cycle is a shift from left to right brain focus. There is less attention on logical order, with a greater invitation to rest, relax and regenerate. Use this time to be creative.

Why Does Mercury Retrograde Get A Bad Rap? Mercury Retrograde is known for glitches in communications and travel connections. Because Mercury is associated with logic and order, when Mercury is Retrograde, the reverse feels true. Remain open to new ideas and creative thinking.  Mercury Retrograde may present alternate opportunities when we align with the prevalent energy. 

Listed below are best ways to optimize the opportunities of Mercury Retrograde. How to make Mercury Retrograde work for you? Align with the positive benefits of this cycle.

How To Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You: 7 Supportive Suggestions

While Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation for some, let's look at an empowered approach. Mercury only appears to move backward in the sky from the perspective of Earth. This motion is only an illusion, however. As a symbol, a retrograde cycle is a heavenly message is to reflect, review, reconsider and redo. Think out of the box. In general, Mercury retrogrades support spontaneity.  Reorganize and reinvent yourself!

1. Double Check

Mercury relates to commerce and trade. Take extra time during Mercury retrograde to balance your checkbook or review your on-line accounting. Check bills and invoices to avoid mistakes.

2. Review & Research

When Mercury is retrograde, there is a symbolic reversal - it’s best to take time out and reflect. Mercury is a planet that relates to the mind. It represents the mental realm of order and logic. Revise projects, review your plans and reorganize your closets. This is a time to pull back before moving forward. If possible, avoid major purchases, creating new contracts, or scheduling serious surgery during this time. Do your research before taking action.

3. Be proactive with technology.

Mercury the Messenger rules communications and connections. Back up your computer and update your technology. Avoid glitches to maintain connection.

4. Reconfirm transportation timing.

Review your coming travel plans. Mercury rules all things related to transportation; planes, trains and automobiles. When was your last oil change? Double check car registration and make sure insurance cards are up to date, and in your car!

5. Repeat yourself to foster conscious communication.

How do you know for sure what you said is what the other person heard?  Remember, sometimes when you are listening to someone, you may only selectively hear half of what the other is saying! Make sure you understand what you are hearing.

Be proactive and compassionate in your conversations. With friends and lovers, bosses or co-workers, take the time to repeat yourself to be sure what you said is what was heard and understood. Practice with phrases like, “So what I heard you say was . . .” or even ask the other person to repeat back what you just said, simply to be sure you got your point across. Be patient with yourself and others if you have to repeat something in order to create more ease and understanding in the end.

6. Relax - Keep space in your schedule.

Spontaneity is your friend during Mercury retrograde. When acts of randomness occur, it helps to have a little extra time to make adjustments. Keep some open space in your schedule for happy surprises. It is easier to go with the flow when you don’t overbook yourself.  If things get haywire, then there is breathing room to deal with potential problems as they arise. Relax yourself, and life is smoother.

7. Call on the consciousness of Mercury

Invoke the planet Mercury for clarity of mind: "Help me say what I need to say, in the right way, at the right time, to the right person. Support me in my speaking, in my listening and in my understanding. Align me with clear thought for right choices and proper discernment. Thank you."

More Retrograde Reminders:

Reflect, Reconsider, Reorganize, Rewrite, Repeat, Redo, Rectify, Reconcile, Research.

Almost any word beginning with Re will do. Remember, if it is retrograde time, you may have to repeat yourself or redo something! You may experiences some Mercury Retrogrades more strongly than others depending the planetary patterns in your personal birth chart. "Ask the Astrologer," Kathryn Andren to learn how this months Mercury Retrograde aligns with your personal astrology chart.

Kathryn Andren is the founder of The Love Astrologer, based in New York with clients across the USA and abroad. Devoted to healing service since 1997, she holistically integrates astrology, art & energy healing bodywork in her private practice. Her deep connection to the natural world brings both a passionate and practical approach to her consulting, writing and teaching. She holds a BA in Psychology and embodies years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom. Schedule Love Relationship Readings, an individual Soul Pattern Session or your very own Live Passionately session series with KathrynAndren.